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About us

DEVPOD. is a Danish company established in 2018. DEVPOD. focuses on creating advanced Web Applications using the newest tech and methods. DEVPOD. is trusted by multiple major brands with everything from hosting to developing, this is because Devpod delivers high quality customer service, development, hosting with amazing turnaround time.


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We create advanced web applications for companies all around the globe, maybe your project is our next?

Why should you choose us?
If you ask us, because we create beautiful and extremely advanced applications but we can still do it in a way that everyone understands it, and because of our quality customer service.

You can also read more to the right of this text on why many others choose us.

Powerful Code

All of the Applications we develop will be written with performance and scaling as a priority. We also do regular tests to ensure that the performance is always at a maximum

Reliable Hosting

All Applications hosted by DEVPOD. are hosted on multiple servers to ensure our 99.97% Uptime*. International applications are hosted on servers in different regions to ensure maximum availability.
* Is based on our uptime percentage from 2018

Quality Customer Service

On all of our projects the main focus is the customer, this is done by good insight into who we are and direct contact to all of our staff on your task. We live by "The customer comes first" slogan.

Result Based Analytics

On all of our projects we use Analytics to improve the product in any way possible, this helps us make a better product and help you improve your statistics for your project.

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Let's make something great, together.

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